Freestyle Fitness Instructor Spotlight – Meet Mike

What happens when a third degree black (with 18 years of experience) and a certified progressive calisthenics trainer joins the fitness ranks at Freestyle Fitness in Reno? Good stuff, that’s what happens! Mike Escobar is one in a recent line of martial artists to make the leap to fitness here at Freestyle, and we’re digging it.

mike-escobar-freestyle-fitness-reno“I’m incredibly passionate about all things health, wellness and fitness,” says Mike. “When it comes to non martial arts-related fitness activities, my favorite thing to do is weight lifting and strength training, particularly body weight/calisthenics. In 2015, I received my Progressive Calisthenics Certification (PCC) by the amazing bodyweight strength training athletes Al and Danny Kavadlo.”

That’s good news for all our fitness members, who are reaping all the benefits of Mike’s knowledge in this arena. But he isn’t just committed to a functional workout. His goal is to make every workout as fun and intense as it is instructive.

“While everyone is there to sweat, I want people to learn something from each class,” says Mike. “This could be anything from why a certain kick or punch is executed a certain way to how to make a certain strength training exercise more or less challenging depending on one’s goals or present abilities. I feel passionate about empowering people to reach their full potential, and for me, fitness is one key way we accomplish this in a physical sense.”

In 2008, Mike found Freestyle the old fashioned way – in the phone book. He had come home to Reno after a stint in the Marine Corps and was ready to get back to martial arts. Fitness was a natural extension, but things didn’t really gel until late last year.

mike-escobar-freestyle-fitness-instructor-reno-1“I’ve long had a passion for teaching (especially things related to fitness),” Mike explains, “and recent changes in my life opened up the time and space for me to finally start teaching at Freestyle. I’m thrilled to be a part of this team and ever-expanding organization!”

We’re pretty pumped up about it, too.

Mike’s been around the fitness block, and we love hearing how Freestyle stacks up to the competition. It’s the intensity of the workouts that really sets us apart, Mike says.

“In as little as half an hour, members get a motivating, full-body workout that includes both resistance and cardiorespiratory training, all brought to them by black belt-level instructors or highly skilled fitness trainers. Freestyle Fitness helps members achieve fantastic results in minimal time and with minimal equipment.”

Well, now we’re blushing.

Mike, you’re a great addition to the team. Keep those workouts coming!


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