The Best Kickboxing Classes in Reno

freestyle-fitness-kickboxing-renoWhen you hear “kickboxing,” you might picture a few different scenarios. Maybe you think of a heavy bag, and some super buff guy going to town with punches and kicks. Or maybe you imagine a class full of fit women following a headphone-bedecked instructor barking out combos and moving crazy fast. Well, guess what? You’re right on both counts. In the fitness world, there’s cardio kickboxing and there’s also heavy bag kickboxing. And we have them both at Freestyle Fitness. Because options are good!

Our classic cardio kickboxing has been Reno’s best for years. And that’s no exaggeration. Before it was mainstream and every gym started hawking its own version of kickboxing, Freestyle spread like wildfire when friends asked friends, “You look great! What are you doing these days?!” The answer was kickboxing at Freestyle. So what makes it so special? A few things.

  • Instruction

Freestyle Fitness is part of Freestyle Martial Arts Academy, and our instructors are trained in proper technique and form. They’re high energy and friendly, and they’re excited to help you get a serious cardio workout, every time.

  • Pace

It’s fast and intense. There’s just no other way to describe it. It can be intimidating at first, but the feeling of accomplishment you get when you finally nail a combo is totally worth the sweat and tears.

  • Community

Everyone remembers their first day at cardio kickboxing, which makes every single member at Freestyle Fitness sympathetic to you on your first day. Expect smiles and nods of encouragement – no intimidation from other members here.

We offer our classic kickboxing class – Kardio Kombat – every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6 am, and on Saturdays at 9. Awesome classes that will make you sweat, for sure. And first class is free, so come give it a try.

But what if you really want to hit something?

That’s when you book a bag for Throwdown, our heavy bag judith-freestyle-fitness-renokickboxing class. Again, the focus is on technique and form – we’re in a martial arts school, after all. And our class is structured to give you lots of time on the heavy bag and focus mitts. You’ll learn striking and kicking techniques, the right way to throw an elbow and Thai kick, and believe us when we say you’ll be feeling muscle groups that are notoriously hard to work. Here’s what sets our heavy bag class apart from the franchises in town.

  • Instruction

Many of our Throwdown instructors are second, third and fourth degree black belts. Others are working toward black belts, and still others have had extensive training to ensure everyone knows exactly what they’re doing.

  • Class Structure

Jo-freestyle-fitness-throwdownOur class was designed for maximum bag and mitt time in an interval format, which has been proven to be incredibly effective for weight loss. It’s also killer for cardio and endurance. A dynamic warm-up gets you ready to hit the bags, and we go all out for forty-five minutes. It’s just an awesome class, and booked-out classes are very common.

  • Scheduling

We offer Throwdown at least once a day Monday through Saturday, and we’re adding it to Sunday mornings beginning November 8. Check the schedule, book a bag, and try your first class on us. We’re so sure you’re love it, we have no problem letting you try a class free.

Here’s the bottom line – Freestyle has (and has always had) awesome kickboxing classes, however you define kickboxing.

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