Spring Training at Freestyle Fitness Starts Saturday!

The next 30-day fitness challenge at Freestyle Fitness in Reno kicks off this Saturday, April 1, at 9:30 am. If you’ve ever thought about jumping on board, now is the time to close your eyes and take the plunge. Here are three reasons you can’t miss Spring Training at Freestyle.

because a free month of fitness is awwwwwesome!

We believe in incentivizing people with rewards – not with punishments. And since a 30-day challenge is just four short weeks, it’s important that you’re prioritizing workouts and getting to class. We encourage you to do that by offering a class minimum challenge. Attend 24 classes during the 30-day challenge, and you’ll earn a free month of unlimited classes when the challenge ends. An unlimited monthly membership runs $99 at Freestyle, so this is an awesome prize.

And while six classes a week may seem impossible, it’s entirely doable. With classes offered every day of the week, plus many that are back to back, you could double up on Throwdown with a yoga chaser on Sundays, for example.

because nutrition is king (and it’s the hardest part)

Another critical aspect of 30-day fitness challenges is the nutrition element. If you’re trying to make changes to your health and your physique, you need to dial in that nutrition, post haste. And maybe you think you know, but do you really know how to do that? With Spring Training, we’re making it easy.

Our fitness challenge comes with a meal-by-meal nutrition plan designed by the experts at BFF Cafe. A certified nutritionist put together a meal plan that’s easy to follow, with tips for prepping ahead. For four weeks, do yourself a favor and block out time four times – once a week – to prep meal. It’s a game changer.

because sometimes we need a kick in the pants

If you’re sick of wandering aimlessly around the gym, sick of seeing no changes, sick of struggling with the scale and the food and all of it, it’s time for a change. Group fitness classes can get a bad rap, but there are so many reasons to give them a go. From the camaraderie to the accountability, the friendly competition to the positive atmosphere, our group fitness classes will push you in the best way.

When you join Spring Training, or any of our 30-day fitness challenges, you’re getting a bunch of built-in training partners. You’re starting something with a group of people who are heading down the same path. Even if your goals all vary slightly, it’s motivating and empowering to train with people who will only encourage you.

Reserve your spot today by calling the front desk, 746-3888, between 3 and 7 pm. The enrollment fee is $150, but you can save $25 by joining with a friend. The fun starts April 1 with a 9:30 orientation, during which we’ll explain the challenge format, hand out your books, answer questions, and then conduct a brief fitness assessment before taking your measurements. If you sign up before orientation, you can even hit a few early Saturday morning classes and those will count toward your 24-class total.

Stop waiting for next week to eat better. Stop waiting for another time to commit to fitness. Spring Training can help you do both. All you need to do is sign up.



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