Member Spotlight – Two-Time Challenger

freestyle-fitness-kara-duncanSometimes you just need a kick in the pants. Ask Kara Duncan, a two-time challenger who joined Freestyle during the January 2015 challenge and has become a fixture every week since.

“At the end of 2014, I realized it had been a few years since I had really dedicated myself to making time for being fit and healthy,” she says. “I decided I wanted to make that commitment in 2015 and I’m so glad I chose Freestyle.”

Kara is one of those naturally fit, athletic types – blame good genetics – but committing to a consistent workout schedule and dialing in her nutrition has paid off in spades. “There are plenty of things that have changed,” she says. “I sleep so much better. I eat healthier because who wants to ruin all the work you do in class? I’m sore in places I never knew existed, my clothes fit much better… I didn’t even lose any weight at all after the first challenge, but everything shifted in a good way. Overall I feel like I have a ton more energy and just feel better.”

Here’s the thing about Kara – she’s serious about attendance. “My goal each week is 4 to 5 classes,” she says. “I travel for work, so there are times where I have to do double days to make it work, but it has been worth it. I can definitely tell during the next class if I don’t go at least four times a week!”

Side note – the general rule of thumb at Freestyle is three classes a week if you’re looking to maintain your current physique, and at least four classes a week if you’re looking to shake things up. So good on ya, Kara.

“I committed myself at the beginning of the challenge to go to class (some at 6 am?!) even when I didn’t want to,” Kara shares. ” I thought it was never going to get easier to get up in the morning, but now I really look forward to it… or at least how I feel after!”

But you know it’s not just working hard on the mats. You know this. So we asked Kara her thoughts on the nutrition component of our challenges.

“I love this part! It’s great to get recipe and snack ideas,” she says. “I love that you can bounce an idea off of Gina and get a quick response. I have stuck with it for the most part, but wine is still on the menu.”

And that’s totally cool. Because life is short, right? Sometimes you have to drink the wine. And when you’re Kara, and you’re sharing a bottle with a few friends who can’t stop gushing over how great you, that’s when you share your secret.

“I highly recommend Freestyle in general and specifically starting with a challenge,” she says. “It’s nice to be dedicated to something with a group – it makes me more motivated and accountable. Recommending is easy when you are not the only one seeing result. I have had people ask what I am doing, and I have already referred Freestyle to co-workers, friends and family, some who have joined and loved it!”

So do like Kara does and tell your friends and family where you’re spending part of your week. First week is always free!

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