The Thai Kick – Freestyle Fitness Technique Series

We’re back with the third edition of our technique series – we’ve already covered the cross and the jab. Today, we’re tackling some lower body action with the Thai kick. There are a lot of little things to remember when you’re throwing a Thai kick, and this video will help you master them all.

Remember, our series is intended to break down all the punches and kicks we throw in classes like ThrowdownFighter Physique and, in a modified way, cardio kickboxing.

If you’re new to Freestyle – maybe as part of Holidaze, our 30-day fitness challenge, or maybe you’re trying out a free class – our video series will bring you up to speed on the basics. We’re also happy to meet with you one-on-one, show you some combos and answer your questions before you come to class. Just download our Getting Started guide and we’ll be in touch asap to set something up.

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