Motivate U and Freestyle Fitness – The Aftermath

MotiveUWe recently wrapped our fourth Motivate U and boy, do these things just keep getting better! A little background: we get a handpicked group of participants from Hometown Health who are ready to jumpstart their fitness goals in an eight-week challenge that is very similar to our own challenges (like Resolve to Evolve, kicking off January 3). We compete against a few other local gyms for a trophy, bragging rights and most importantly, happy participants with real results. So, did we deliver?

  • “I absolutely love Freestyle Fitness. At first it was very intimidating, especially because of the intense classes where everything was brand new to me. But everyone at Freestyle makes you feel like you’re at home. They don’t judge you based on your fitness or skill level. And most of the instructors will help you excel even if you have to modify activities. Moral of the story – Freestyle is amazing!”
  • “I love Freestyle! It keeps me motivated. It’s always challenging. I like cardio kickboxing but I like that I have the option to do Total Body as well. Everyone is friendly. Sometimes I feel uncoordinated, but I don’t worry about it because I still have fun.”
  • Total Body is my favorite because you get to try lots of different exercises. It’s really tough but I am encouraged to keep trying. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming that I look forward to going each week. The classes are the kick in the butt I needed!”
  • freestyle-fitness-renoTotal Body is great, and no matter who the instructor, it is always challenging and fun. Always different and you never know what you will be challenged to do next! Love the strength training/cardio combo. The cardio classes keep you stepping, and the instructors are in amazing physical condition! From the first time you arrive, you feel welcomed by the staff and instructors. They are family and friends, and you become part of that dynamic. It is a relationship. You can’t just walk away after the challenge is over. You crave more! The results that you can see (and feel!) in eight weeks are amazing. Weight loss, increased toned physique, increased energy, and a more positive outlook, including stress reduction! My husband happily cheered me on, as he saw a new ME emerge. MU4 also kept me going through many end-of-year work stressors as well, thank you! I am already having withdrawal from not being able to come to Freestyle over the holidays! (No other workout compares!) Love you guys!!!
Freestyle Fitness instructors gunning for that MU trophy!

We were fortunate to have a really motivated group of challengers this go-round who were as pumped during week eight as they were in week one. Freestyle fosters an incredible sense of community, and our challengers caught on to that quickly. From staying active on social media to attending class together, this was a true team effort with lots of encouragement and cheerleading along the way.

We’re looking forward to celebrating with our MU crew at the wrap party in early January, and we’re pumped that we’ve enrolled some of our stand-out MU participants at Freestyle. You’ve heard it before – fitness is a journey, not a sprint. It’s something you nurture and make time for and promote, and the result of all that effort and time and diligence is a healthy body and mind. A challenge or a membership at Freestyle is just the first step – you have to keep coming back for more. You have to support all your hard work on the mat with adequate nutrition in the kitchen. But the payoff is incredible, and our MU challengers know that firsthand. Kudos to you all! We are honored to play a part in your journeys. From all of us here at Freestyle, thank you!



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