Freestyle Fitness is lululemon’s Gym of the Month!

freestyle-fitness-lululemon-gym-of-the-monthWe love us some lulu at Freestyle Fitness, and we’re celebrating that love allllll August long with complimentary (read: free!) classes for the community. Yep, Freestyle Fitness is lululemon’s Gym of the Month in August, and we can’t wait!  Join us every Saturday in August at 9 am for a sixty-minute sweat sesh, boot camp style. Read on for all the details, then mark your calendars – your Saturdays mornings are going to be busy!

We’ll be working you out head to toe with a combination of boxing, resistance and good ol’ fashioned calisthenics. This total body workout will feature heavy bags, ground bags, medicine balls, resistance bands, body weight resistance, sprints and agility exercises to get your blood pumping and your muscles firing. Everything can be modified in our classes, so if you can’t kick over your own head, no worries!

freestyle-fitness-lululemon-gym-of-the-month-1We’ll alternate between our padded mats and the road, so wear athletic shoes and fitness clothes (wear your lulus!). If you have boxing or MMA gloves (the fingerless kind), bring those too. A towel is great for mopping that sweaty brow, and don’t forget your water!

: A complimentary sixty-minute workout at Freestyle Fitness, lululemon’s Gym of the Month
Where: Freestyle Martial Arts Academy, 9590 McCarran Blvd
When: Every Saturday in August at 9 am
Who: Everyone! These workouts are free to the community and everything can be modified – beginners are welcome!
Other details: Plan to arrive about ten minutes early to sign a fitness waiver if this is your first class at Freestyle. And learn more about our Total Body Boot Camp class.

If you’re dying to try a class at Freestyle Fitness, this is your chance to do it free! Remember, all of our exercises and combos can be modified, so if you’re working through an injury or just new to fitness, it’s not a problem. Step outside your comfort zone and let’s do this!


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