Freestyle Fitness Wins People’s Choice Award!

freestyle-fitness-motivate-u-people's-choice-awardThere is something so wonderfully satisfying when you’re rewarded just for doing the right thing. At Freestyle Fitness, our goal isn’t to turn you into a swimsuit model. It’s just not our thing. Our focus is, and always has been, on  helping you become strong and healthy. We do this with thoughtfully-designed fitness classes and challenges that are meant to push you in positive ways. Last week, Freestyle Fitness won the People’s Choice Award for the spring 2016 Motivate U, presented by Healthy Tracks through Hometown Health. And we are so dang honored.

This is the first time gyms have been scored based on member feedback, and Freestyle’s challengers had the most positive things to say about our facility, our classes, our trainers, our members, and our fitness philosophy. Insert bashful grin here.

The thing is, that is always our goal. A welcoming, positive community of individuals who will help you become the best you is kind of our thing. And it’s important to us that everyone is able to feel comfortable and excited and motivated when they step through our door and onto our mats. It’s what we strive for with new and existing members, and certainly with new challengers.

freestyle-fitness-motivate-u-peoples-choice-award-1It’s great to get a trophy and some glory for doing what we think is important, but we are just as grateful when our members take minute to share their feelings, too. Here are some things our members and challengers have recently shared:

“A huge thank you to the entire Freestyle Fitness family! You all welcomed and supported us from the beginning and I can’t thank you enough! See you in class!”

“Freestyle Fitness was the best choice! Amazing instructors and members were encouraging, helpful and patient. Although I haven’t been able to participate the last two weeks due to a back injury, I don’t regret one sore muscle. I have loved every minute of it and will be back as soon as I heal. Thank you Freestyle Fitness and MotivateU!”

This has been such an amazing MU challenge, and we can’t believe eight weeks can go by so quickly. The best part is that many of our MU participants signed up as permanent Freestyle Fitness members. We’re so excited to continue to play a part in their fitness journeys.

From all of us here at Freestyle, thank you so much for giving it your all. We’re so proud of each one of our MU challenges, and we can’t wait to see what’s ahead. See you on the mats.


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