Wrapping Up Another Motivate U at Freestyle Fitness

motivate-u-freestyle-fitnessIt’s hard to believe, but this is the last week of Motivate U. Freestyle Fitness has been lucky to participate in five – count ’em, five – Motivate U’s, a fitness challenge presented by Healthy Tracks through Hometown Health. As the challenge winds down, we’re taking a minute here to share some insight and perspective on all our MU challengers. Spoiler: we’re so proud.

“It amazes me to see the drive that the MU challengers have. For some, fitness is a new element being added to the weekly routine of work, family, and other priorities. To find the time and the effort for multiple training sessions during the week is true determination. During the times that I teach, I’ve never witnessed a MU challenger just going through the motions. Rather, I watched them push beyond their limits, go outside of their comfort zone, and walk out after a class with a smile.” – Chris

“It’s always inspiring to be a part of someone’s transformation, and with MU you get that tenfold. To learn their stories and witness their efforts to really change their life empowers everyone around them, and it’s an honor to witness.” – Judith

“I’m constantly inspired by the MU gang who show up ready to learn new skills and work hard. They support one another with genuine care and concern for each other’s experience and truly motivate everyone fortunate enough to be in class with them!” – Jo

“Great new and different energy! Loved seeing their positive attitude and smiling faces in class. What a fun program to be involved in and a positive force to witness!” – Shannon

“We know that Freestyle is completely different than any of the other gyms taking part in MU. I love watching our challengers progress from slightly intimidated by the whole notion of punching a bag in their very first class to getting after it just a few classes down the line. Making a commitment to changing your lifestyle should always be applauded, and I’m so impressed by our MU challengers. They work hard, and it shows. Can’t believe it’s almost over!” – Jessica

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with our MU challengers. We had a consistent group who showed up and put up, class after class, and we’re looking forward to celebrating at the challenge wrap-up next week.

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