Freestyle Fitness & Motivate U – Take Five!

motivate-u-freestyle-fitnessWe’re opening the mats for our fifth Motivate U, a fitness challenge presented by Healthy Tracks at Hometown Health. And boy, we’re pumped! It’s so exciting to be part of a positive transformation for people who are ready to live a healthier, more active lifestyle. To welcome aboard our new Motivate U challengers, here are our tips for success at Freestyle.

  • Prep and plan your meals.

healthy-snacks-to-goWe say this all the time, but it bears repeating here: you can’t out-train a bad diet. Changing your shape is at least 85% nutrition. So plan your meals, and all the better if you can make time to prep them for the day or the entire week. Read your fitness books for nutrition information and tips on planning and prepping, and when all else fails, remember to choose your protein source – lean cuts of chicken and beef, turkey, eggs – and build your carbs around it.

Eating healthfully is all about making good choices to support all the hard work your body is doing on the mats. The goal isn’t to starve yourself – it’s to change your approach to eating. Questions? Hit up Gina on Facebook, or speak with Jo at your mandatory weekly meeting! Remember, those are Tuesday mornings at 7 after Total Body or Saturday morning at 7:30.

  • Plan your workouts. Really.

calendarOn Sundays, take a look at your calendar for the upcoming week and plan your workouts. Add your workouts to your calendar or appointment book, just like you do work and appointments you can’t miss. Prioritize your classes, and remember that consistency is key. Motivate U is tracking your attendance – they want you working out at least three times a week. That’s our rule of thumb for maintenance, but we recommend four to six workouts every week. It’s totally doable if you plan ahead. If that means you need to squeeze in a workout on your lunch break once a week, pack your gym bag so you can hit class on the way home or set the alarm early for that 6 am class, you can make this work.

  • Get quality rest.

Your body needs time to recover from its workouts, so try to get adequate rest. If you’re getting up early for morning classes, get to bed earlier!

  • Ask for modifications and help when you need it.

We’re here to help you as you learn the habits of a healthier, more active lifestyle. If you have questions, ask us. If you need modifications, let our instructors know. We can work around injuries and abilities, so let us help. Outside of class, remember that Jo is available to help you make this journey as effective as possible.

We’re proud and humbled that we’ve turned many of our former Motivate U challengers into members. Freestyle is a different kind of gym. Our members are from all walks and stages of life, and we have a great community that is as welcoming as it is fun. We can’t wait for you to experience it.

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